The Bad Road Overland Checklist


"By failing to prepare... you're preparing to fail"  -Benjamin Franklin


Overland Travel Pack List

Again... My philosophy for Overland Travel stems from years of Backpacking.  Having a vehicle to carry all your gear is a huge luxury allowing you to bring much more comforts that you couldn't even consider when carrying all your essentials on your back.  With that being said, the same principles apply.  If you keep your load light and efficient, you will have a much more enjoyable experience allowing you easier access to your stuff and more space to carry your recreational or sports equipment. 


Keeping all your supplies organized is key to a comfortable safe and enjoyable excursion.  After 40 years of "Overland" travel, I have come up with this simple  list.

My recommendation is to separate your items into 3 bins, label what is in them and check them off this list.