Favorite Refrigerators & Coolers

Below are some of our favorite 12V refrigerators and coolers. We have used all of these items and will share what we like about them. Clicking the item title will take you to the manufacturer website for product details and pricing.  Use the browser back button to return to our site.


Dometic Coolmatic CD-30DC 31 QT 12/24 Volts DC

High efficiency & low energy consumption. At 31 QT, it has more room than you think.  We have used for years in the back of our Jeeps. Great for day trips or base camp. It's a perfect fit for the Bad Road Industries Overland Case with 1 drawer and refrigerator prep.

UHOMY 37 QT 12v DC Dual zone Refrigerator Rechargeable

Great capacity and has its own rechargeable battery. Dual zone and app control, high efficiency & low energy consumption. Optional add-on with Tribe Trailer rental.

Any of the Yeti Hard Coolers

We all have at least one Yeti hard cooler ranging from the Tundra 35, 45, 65. They hold food and ice for long periods of time, especially if coupled with their Yeti Ice packs.

COHO 55 QT Rotomolded

Excellent cooler and a cheaper alternative to the more expensives coolers. Included with Tribe Trailer rental.