Fine Products that we recommend


Gas One Premium Dual Fuel Stove

Gas One Premium Single Burner Duel Fuel Stove

Not only have we found this stove to be beautiful, it is very lightweight, efficient, and starts easy.  It can operate on butane or propane however we feel it works best when operating on propane. 


Dometic 12 Volt refrigerator drawer for overland

Dometic CD30 12V Refrigerator Drawer

All of our SUV Cases come set up to fit this refrigerator.  You will have to add the 12 volt adapter to plug it into your 12 volt cigarette lighter socket.  


12 Volt Outlet Adapter Cord

You will have to cut the two terminal ends off and splice to pre-stripped cord on the refrigerator.  


GSI Bugaboo 4 person Cookware Set

This set is a perfect compliment to the Bad Road SUV Kitchen drawer.  Fits nicely in the drawer and is very complete, with large pots, pans, insulated cups and dishes.  It even comes with a rubberized canvas sink.  It's everything you need to prepare and serve meals for up to 4 people. 



RockPals 300W Portable Power Station 

This power station has proven itself very helpful for just about any situation, and has plenty of juice to power the refrigerator drawer in your Bad Roads unit! 



Dometic Cassette Toilet  



ECO-WORTHY Upgrade 120 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Battery Charger Kit for Portable Generator Power Station with 20A Charge Controller